Our main objectives will be:

– Valorise civic competences of young migrant women in a NEET situation

– Increase awareness of fundamental rights, social prevention means and active citizenship among young women

– Exchange of best practices between trainers in non-formal education for adults (autobiographical method, valorisation of basic competencies)

– Reduce the intergenerational gap in ICT competencies

– Increase awareness of the importance of digital inclusion

The objectives of our project are:

– gather data, references and information on policy and institutional environment, projects, programs and research on needs of the target group and previous activities and projects prepared in the field,

– identify needs and barriers to set up successful mentoring programs that will support and lead our target groups,

– focus on the need to provide training and support for the target group who are disadvantaged young and adult women,

– implement a friendly environment for women to become involved in educational activities and work life,

– create a holistic approach that consist of training, support through mentoring and networking,

– provide supportive network, give them means to reach out to others by social networking and a dedicated Facebook group,

– create steering groups to focus on the problems of the target groups and involve stakeholders in providing solutions.

Our primary target groups of this project are:

– European young and adult unemployed women (NEETs and migrants);

– European adult trainers in non-formal education;

– Women involved in local NGOs.