Hanta Associates was the ‘Lead Organisation’ in a consortium (the Hanta Consortium) that helped deliver the ‘Future Jobs Fund’ project for the DWP over two contract cycles running from late 2009 to 2011. The consortium helped facilitate an excess of 250 FJF job starts, a significant proportion of which eventually became long-term employment. Over the lifetime of the projects, it was found that having companies take on the candidates initially on a trial basis was very beneficial in multiple ways. It allowed the employers to size up the prospective employees, and to get a feel for how well they would fit within their organisations. For the candidates, it allowed them to assess the suitability of the jobs relative to their skills, and to gain valuable work experience and/or up-skill. It also allowed these individuals to attain fairly credible work profiles and resumes. Having built up significant expertise and having forged employment connections with several firms, Hanta Associates hopes to help your institution with the delivery of its apprenticeship, work-placement and/or internship programmes by utilising aspects of this work model, running alongside other more traditional approaches for getting candidates into long-term sustainable employment.In addition to its UK office, and a network of UK-based employer contacts, Hanta Associates now has branch offices in the UAE, and has forged links with placement partners in several EU countries, as well as a number of large employers in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.Lately, the HAWP Project, a key division of Hanta Associates, has been focussing on providing a complete “360-degree” service for individuals, schools, colleges, universities and businesses, both in the UK and overseas. This service not only focuses on providing and organising work placements but also on developing and sustaining the facilities and resources necessary to enable a smooth progression through the programme including training, accommodation, travel and recreation. Support is provided from the moment of student arrival, right up to departure. The HAWP Project has placed significant numbers of young people into quality work placements, training and long-term employment. HAWP excels at sourcing suitable work placements tailored to the young person’s needs. The HAWP Project has a very successful record in matching young people from all over Europe to work placements, many of which have resulted in full-time employment. Students managed by the HAWP project, while fulfilling the requirements of their courses, simultaneously gain valuable, real-life skills and work experience in the UK. As a result of the group’s extensive experience building strong relationships with businesses, the placements secured enable young people to develop their existing skills while broadening the length and breadth of their knowledge within their chosen sector. Placements organised by HAWP are recognised by universities, and educational bodies worldwide, as being suitable for meeting their student work-related programme requirements. Working with a variety of businesses, HAWP offers placements in a wide range of sectors and is able to source placements in specific sectors through effective business development. The businesses we work with understand and value the importance of work experience and in turn do their very best to ensure the duties are relevant, productive, forward-thinking and meaningful.HAWP provides holistic learner-centred support throughout the duration of the placement, including the following services (available upon request): English Language/Business Courses Host Family & Student Accommodation Tailored, one-to-one and group tuition Travel and Transit Activities and Day Trips HAWP’s latest initiatives include organising EU-funded mobility and training for students taking part in Erasmus+ funded schemes. HAWP Project collaborates with a number of schools from Europe. The groups of students HAWP Project welcomed so far were from Spain, France, Martinique, Malta, Slovakia or Lithuania. The fields in which the students conduct their internships range from photography, logistics, mechanics to visual arts, training courses marketing or retail.HAWP Project is also involved in sending UK participants to training courses and youth exchanges in Europe. As a Eurodesk Ambassador, HAWP Project benefit from the support of a strong network of partners both at a local and national level. Apart from organizing Erasmus+ funded internships and sending UK participants to trainingcourses and youth exchanges, HAWP Project develop its own Erasmus+ projects, thus the company is active in designing and preparing project proposals. The main themes have been so far training abroad for young people or youth exchanges.


EURO-NET is a not for profit association that is member or associated member of 58 international networks (5 of them are EU networks: EUROPE DIRECT, EUROGUIDANCE, EURODESK, SOLVIT and EBN-EUROPEAN BUSINESS & INNOVATION CENTRE NETWORK). 

EURO-NET has 61 own antennas in 22 different countries in Europe.

EURO-NET gives to children, young people and adults these services:

– information and project development center

– organization of training courses, exchanges and cultural, artistic or sport activities 

– sector study, research

– counseling, crisis support and prevention

– e-learning, networking, partnerships, training courses and workshops

– publications, newspapers and web sites.

It has realized more than 385 European projects, especially with Youth and Youth in Action, Socrates, Leonardo, LLP, Progress, Daphne, Life, E-Aid, Culture, Creative Europe, Erasmus Plus (KA1, KA2 and KA3), Representation in Italy of E.C., European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe, etc. 

EURO-NET is also the leader of a consortium (called CONCRETO) that is managing  a “Creative Centre” (called TILT) in Marconia di Pisticci (province of Matera): the aforementioned centre is composed of multipurpose open spaces according to the “Visioni Urbane” programme’s style (a project of “Patto con I Giovani”) realized by REGIONE BASILICATA together with MINISTERO DELLO SVILUPPO ECONOMICO (Ministry of Economic Development) and financed by the FAS, meaning Underused Areas Funds.  It covers an indoor area of about 400 sq mt, a 700 sq mt parkland, a 400 sq mt terrace, a 1000 seats auditorium (with a stage of 300 sq mt) and a large parking. The Centre for Creativity can be suitable for live performances (theatre, concerts, stand-up comedies and so on), fairs, training courses, meeting, sport events, cultural exhibitions, movies (there are also a well-equipped editing hall and a recording studio). Moreover, it includes some café areas, guest rooms, catering, info-point, show-room, etc.

EURO-NET was chosen 2 times from the European Commission in the Pan-European Working Groups for its competences and 3 times published for its best practices in the field of media and communications).

It is also specialized in the realization of cartoons, electronic games, videos, movies. etc.

The Association co-operates with many public Administrations with which it has particular agreements for the diffusion of juvenile and adults activities and helps all juvenile organisations and any other type of organizations to realize European programs.

Moreover, the association has organized the Short Movie Festival twice under the aegis of the Council of Europe and under the patronage of the PRESIDENT OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC, that awarded both activities with a medal.

Finally it is also an official Trinity Centre Exam Centre (n.63814).

EURO-NET has a wide experience in the youth field and owns permanent and highly qualified facilities for training courses, meetings, apprenticeships, workshops, youth exchanges or initiatives, etc. with different skills: its facilities, together with the staff’s skills, allow to always meet the stated goals.  

It has realized more than 385 European projects, especially with Youth and Youth in Action, Socrates, Leonardo, LLP, Progress, Daphne, Life, E-Aid, Culture, Creative Europe, Erasmus Plus (KA1, KA2 and KA3), Representation in Italy of E.C., European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe, etc.

EURO-NET has realized and developed over 300 different kinds of activities in many fields (languages, IT, European citizenship, comics, self-esteem, family support, video graphics, animation, projects management, entrepreneurship education, marketing, etc.) including workshops, conventions, conferences, meetings, exchanges, festivals and several events.

In the past, EURO-NET has participated in many projects in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme (and many other) and recently in Erasmus+ Programme. Moreover, it developed strong experience, knowledge and skills in the Educational and European field. In this way it developed the capacity to manage, hosting and implement another ambitious and complex training. 

Its staff comes from different educational backgrounds and fields of study, such as: human trafficking, youth in action, media, human rights, European citizenship, minority-majority relationship, etc. All of them, during the year, take part in several training courses, at local and European level, based on non-formal education to improve their skills and competences as mentors and facilitators. From 2014 the association is promoting the importance of Erasmus+ to permit that more organizations could benefit of program support,  create their own projects and realize or participate in educational activities

Ballibag Köyü Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Dernegi

Our organization is found in 2010 it is located in İstanbul/Turkey. We focus  on rural and local development and environmental work ,ecological and healthy systems, The main goal of the NGO is sustainability and the natural balance ( organic agriculture, and the proper use of water and other natural resources)

 We always drive our volunteers also to take part in projects related to a big variety of topics such as: entrepreneurship leadership, unemployment issues ,refugie issuses art and creativity, team building, non-formal education methods and youth work, discrimination and democracy and many others.  We are investing all energy and resources in various projects to help young people form Turkey to develop entrepreneur skills and abilities. Our organization act like a mentor, who can develop talented, active young people, through this mentorship we are opening new possibilities for building best future here in Turkey. One of our core objectives is including in society young people to support young people with fewer opportunities.

Association aims are: 

• to develop qualities and skills of young people, especially young people from rural areas and those from poor families.

• to promote and support the common interests of young people locally, nationally and internationally, in order to create opportunities for their participation in social life, arts and culture by developing socio-cultural action projects. 

• to support social integration of young people providing support to their social inclusion

Our Organization also have trainers and youth workers who are actively involved in youth projects and trainings in many European countries. Our association members are interested in topics such as dialogue between different religions and cultures, gender equality and gender inequality, radicalization, integration to society also we are interested in projects related with social media, how it effects people and especially young generation. Our members see the importance of tolerance and respect for human rights so for them trainings and youth projects is the best way to get more knowledge and share 

We participate in different social and cultural activities either local or international. Moreover, we are doing round tables and workshops, where we discuss certain issues, in order to find a way how to resolve it. Nevertheless, ” BAKYARD” is not a cabinet organization where we explore and discover our country together with our volunteers, but we are in close contact with local authorities in order to discover more young people who want to change something or top motivate other young people to participate in the social life.


“SC Psihoforworld” was established in April 2016 as a continuation of the “David Anca Individual Psychology” Cabinet set up in 2012. Legal change was made by expanding the psychological services of our company.
Our main activity is addressed to people with disabilities within the local community, so that – according to case studies – we have developed the following therapeutic programs:

* children with disabilities (autism, mental retardation, Down syndrome and other conditions) have been included in therapeutic recovery programs; in the process of recovery of deficient children we use effective and personalized methods according to case-law (ABA / PECS / Montessori technique) and speech therapy therapy software;

* for young people with disabilities who have difficulty in social integration, we have developed partnerships with schools that offer educational services to young people without disabilities; through the specificities of the activities we implement (sports activities / playful activities / theater and art therapy) we contribute to the development of friendship / communication and cooperation relations between young people with disabilities and young people without deficiencies; we mention that we currently have 250 young volunteers who contribute to the process of social integration of children / young people with disabilities;

* to help raise self-esteem and self-image of parents with children / young people with disabilities, we regularly organize group counseling sessions; we also encourage collaborative relationships between them and institutions / NGOs that offer social services; for guidance and legal counseling we have concluded 2 volunteer contracts with specialists in the field.

To facilitate people with disabilities access to our company services, we have signed partnership agreements with the Braila Inclusive Education Center (which educates pupils with special educational needs) and the General School Nikos Kazanzakis (who train pupils with disabilities, Rroma students , pupils without parents coming from the social protection system, adult students who want to continue their studies, who are included in the national education program “Second chance”).

Also, in order to help integrate and combat marginalization of rural youth, we have a partnership with the educational institution that educates about 70% of rural students, namely the School Group GH . K. Constantinescu (agricultural profile).
The main purpose of our work is to contribute to the social integration of people with disabilities and people with social adaptation difficulties.
As our company profile is in the field of psychology, we currently have 30 volunteers (psychologists, psychologists and counselors) who contribute to therapeutic activities, so we can provide free psychological services to people in need.
Organization for Promotion of European Issues


The Organization (OPEI) is an educational NGO in the Region of Paphos, which pays particular attention on the issues of education, culture and youth. It assists local communities to overcome social and economic disparities of disadvantaged social groups. Our professionals include psychologists, social workers, teachers and other associates that help us achieve our main objectives. They offer volunteering and training services in soft skills and support the welfare services of the rural communities. Through our volunteering activities, we help people to develop skills and capacities while they develop the feeling of belongingness. The organization also has experience in hosting students from EU countries and operates a hosting facility where students can come and have a comfortable and safe environment during their stay. We host more than 300 people every year in Paphos in diferent EU projects.
The organization has participated in several EU and national projects, such as the CoE “All Different All Equal” campaign, Youth exchanges, Grundtvig and Leonardo Mobility lifelong learning projects and strategic partnerships. Currently we support many KA1 projects and 3 KA2 projects. OPEI is a member of the Cyprus national network of Anna Lindh Foundation for the dialogue among cultures and cooperates with national research centers and academic institutions. We have strong media contacts and we work closely with, from where we can disseminate project results and information campaigns. The exchange of experiences, the identification of the best methods and practices in this project would play a pivotal role in solving the core issues, where cooperation among European partners becomes invaluable. The organization, in cooperation with the other partners will define the goals that would benefit the education and training of trainers and learners in this project.
Our organization is serving as a connection of local communities in the rural areas with the rest of the Cypriot and European society. We support local youth to participate in youth exchanges and other EU opportunities. We provide training opportunities and seminars for young people, helping them in their personal and professional development. We also cooperate with other NGOs, the local Chamber of commerce, the official Organization of Paphos European Capital of Culture 2017 and other local stakeholders. We have organized Leonardo Mobilities and KA1 Erasmus in Cyprus and we have the capacity to host a large number of students/teachers in our hosting facilities. We have solid contacts with all regional stakeholders and local communities including access to mass media; giving us the potential to contact research and communicate with people all around Cyprus.

The organization has experience in national and international projects and maintains contact with local partners in all major cities of Cyprus and also with European partners. It has participated in several European projects both as coordinator and as a partner. It has also supported mobility training of European students in Cypriot companies. Our organization also organizes seminars in the rural areas and promotes learning in disadvantaged areas in different fields of European Interest. Finally, we design EU project proposals on behalf of local partners, NGOs Municipalities and other social actors. Finally, we are working on one KA2 on Youth Strategic partnerships; plus we have participated in several EU Youth exchanges


The Namoi association aimes to protect human rights, defense of the legal interests of social excluded groups that be connected to a person’s social class, race, skin color, religious affiliation, ethnic origin. Such exclusionary forms of discrimination may also apply to people with a disability, minorities, LGBTQ+ people, drug users,institutional care leavers, the elderly and young people. We also assist in solution of environmental, social and economic issues, and the issues of cultural development and education. We are a group of 5 employed staff members and 589 volunteers that are verry active. We have more than 6000 followers all other the country. We work with intercultural diague between young people and increase mutual understanding. 

Since 2002, we operate with loyer center “The colegues of loyers”. Its objectives are the union of indigenous youth, education legal issues, involvement in problem-solving and active participation in socio-economic and cultural development of young people. To achieve these goals, in 2015 they set up school for young leaders. For three years there have been cources for students and young people in general in San Petesburg and Velikii Novgorod. Our members are young people with an active lifestyle, tomorrow’s leaders of the villages and towns of our region. On 5th March, 2016 Namoi hosted a forum “Youth Power: our rights – our future!” For students from among the Namoi, this was attended by representatives of the Government of the Velikii Novgorod region and Namoi members. The purpose of the forum was to bring youth to the project and give a comprehensive understanding of their human and student rights. The forum was attended by about 70 representatives of social excluded youth peoples – the  students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, working young people and senior schools in Velikii Novgorod. 

They discussed issues related to policies of social excluded youth, social movements for national and international organizations. It was particularly noted that today’s young people know very little about the culture and history of its people, it is necessary to revive the lost link between generations.

With the overall goal of mutual comprehension and cooperation, we have been very active in the field of culture and European Citizenship since our foundation.  After more than 10 years of activities, including many European projects (youth exchanges, European internships, study visit…).


• To increase the level of cultural sensitivity of youngsters through diversity appreciation, direct communication and exchange, building trust with different people and developing the ability to think critically, to assess honestly personal behavior towards other people and cultures

• To break stereotypes and prejudices about the different cultures by enhancing the awareness of young people about intercultural communication

•To implementat youth policy and equal opportunities which enable young people to develop skills in gender equality, human rights, peace building, ending violence, conflict transformation, tolerance and non-discrimination 

• To promote and provide equal access to formal, non-formal and in-formal education. Empower youth to develop skills in social entrepreneurship and employment for combating exclusion and increasing the role of youth in the development of community

• To create more friendly and safe environment full of respect, tolerance, mutual cultural understanding

• To build networks of international contacts in order to participate actively in the society and to develop sense of European citizenship and identity

• To create opportunities for young people to learn how to learn and how to reach to the personal and professional development through formal+non-formal+distance education.

Facilitation of multi-sectoral research and implementation consulting in the field of social and cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution. 


+ Development and support of awareness among young people the importance of higher education in the humanities and connection formal+nonformal+distance education;

+ Promoting multi-sectoral research and implementation consulting in the targeted field

+ Assistance in realization of the potential for future employment and the formation of robust friendships with young people from different countries on the basis of scientific and cultural exchange